Free Zone

The objective of this public project is to show the viewer that there are dead angles, free zones in which no one watches you from a screen. I want the viewer to wonder if he is really free in the street or only in those dead angles where any security camera can identify him.

For this I chose a place in the city, which I will point out a dead angle with fake grass on the ground.

Here we see a sketch of the project, the exact position where I did it and the final piece, with some people’s reaction.

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Now I would like to do the same project, but with different resources and materials.

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2 Responses to Free Zone

  1. matejvakula píše:

    Cool! Do it! but i think there might be a technical problem with this. how do you know what is the camera angle and depth of field? maybe you could check tech documentation to some cameras, if you know the type… yea but maybe if they are “behind the corner” that might work.
    than there is the question of how to point that “free zone” out. Why do you want to use fake grass? think about other ways too.
    Also – your concept sounds like nice studio project, but this class is about research using artistic methods. Focus on what information would you like to acquire and how. for example: how do I measure the “Free Zone” using artistic methods or practice? what information will this particular artistic approach bring me?
    Anyways, great idea! do it as soon as possible!

  2. matejvakula píše:

    Great Carlos! Let’s talk tomorrow about it!

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